Grazie per le sue parole a Dean Aldrich

Ringrazio Dean Aldrich per le sue parole di apprezzamento.

Riporto qui il testo tratto da Words and Mark Making, in Tackad

Words and Mark Making

It’s hard to imagine a time when only landscapes and portraiture were the order of the day. We are surrounded by so many kinds of art today, that considering any restraints is nearly impossible. Here we are in the 21st century, where using words, letters, marks and gestures is quite common. Writing has become such an integral part of many an artist’s oeuvre. One such artist is Biagio Cepollaro. In some of his work, there’s the enigma of seeing legible words without being able to understand them, which makes us wonder what he’s saying; what ideas are being proffered. In other works, it’s only the gesture of writing that he captures and he uses that as construction, with no intention of conveying a meaning. But whether readable or not his compositions are all about writing and marks. Instead of looking at a still life or landscape, here we are appreciating something totally human; a man’s thoughts and gestures.






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