About Biagio Cepollaro

Biagio Cepollaro was born in Naples in 1959. He lives in Milan and is one of the members of ‘Group 93’. He has served on the editorial board of the journals ‘Altri Termini’, ‘Campo’ and ‘Baldus’. Poems by Cepollaro have appeared in such anthologies as Poesia italiana della contraddizione (1989);  Poesia e realtà, a cura di G:Majorino ,Tropea ed., 2000;  Akusma,forme della poesia contemporanea,Metauro Edizioni, 2000; Twentieth-Century, Italian Poetry, Toronto University of Toronto Press, 1993; Italian Poetry, 1950-1990, Dante University Press, Boston, 1996;The Promised Land, Italian Poetry after 1975, Sun & Moon, Los Angeles, 1999; Chijo no utagoe– Il coro temporaneo, a cura di A:Raos, ,trad.A Raos e Taro Okamoto, Ed. Schichoska, Tokyo,2001.

 His books include: Le parole di Eliodora (1984) and the trilogy:  Scribeide, Luna persciente (1993) and Fabrica (2002), Versi Nuovi (2004), Poesia da fare (2006), e-book www.cepollaro.it/LavFarTe.pdf  ,Le qualità, (2012), La curva del giorno (2014)

 Biagio Cepollaro is also a painter. His last work ,Nel fuoco della scrittura, La Camera verde, Roma, 2008, collects  some images of him.  

 ‘What stands out about Cepollaro’s poetry is the rich and varied mix of archaic and modern Italian, dialect, slang, and technological or specialized terms- a blend that fuses convincingly into a sort of musical kaleidoscope, in which given words and sounds may repeat, creating allusions and associations at a still more subtle level. A myriad of literary periods and historical epochs is also there between the lines, meaning that each word conveys not only a principal poetic sense but also the history of its usage by poets of other times, as well as the particular connotations it once lent to humanity’s essential experiences. An additional consequence of this ‘simultaneous approach’  is  that a reader is free to either appreciate the poem as an orderly progression from start to finish or in a profoundly random fashion, fixing only on brief sequences or strophes.’ (Italian Poetry 1950-1990, translate and edited by Gayle Ridinger-Gian Paolo Renello, Dante University Press, Boston,1996.).




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